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flexibility & mobility program to become a better rider!

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Flexibility & mobility for equestrians

A 6-week online program.

Equi-yoga @ home

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The solution for busy riders who want to improve their riding and overall health; anytime, anywhere!

1:1 private training


Meet your coach:

I'm Melissa, a certified yoga teacher, personal trainer specialized in functional movement & former professional showjumping rider.

My focus?
Empowering you to reach your full potential in the saddle!

How Equi-Yoga can help you as a rider:

Improved mobility & flexibility

Softens physical pain and creates more freedom in your body

Become stronger (where you need it as a rider!)

Improved balance in the saddle

Less stress more focus

Improved connection with your horse

What riders are saying about Equi-Yoga:

Though getting to class can The benefits are immense – better sleep, relaxation, and improved stability in the saddle. It profoundly impacts both the body and overall well-being. Clear explanations and varied sessions make each class unique.

Adeline H.

I had a lot of back pain. Since I started attending yoga for riders, I have NO pain anymore. I have much less stress, and it's also very beneficial for my breathing.


I am very strong but have short muscles and stiff shoulders. Since doing yoga for riders, these muscles have gradually become 'lengthened,' and the shoulders more flexible. It's like I gain a few centimeters in height after each session and feel much more grip in the saddle. My breathing is also more under control. Highly recommended!

Sonia H.

As a busy working mom, partner, friend, and passionate equestrian, finding a healthy balance can be challenging. Thanks to Melissa, I discovered (equi)yoga, which taught me to keep breathing in both daily life and on horseback. So, consider that a definite plus, along with improved flexibility, an energy boost, and the 100% ME-time everyone needs!

Tatiana G.

Why Equi-Yoga is the right choice for you:

For all levels

Whether you’re a yoga beginner or advanced, a recreational rider, a high-level competition rider, or somewhere in between, Equi-yoga is for everyone! Join us on the journey to enhance your well-being and riding experience.

Anytime, anywhere

At competitions, on vacation, on the road… follow your rider training at your own pace, time, and location of choice!”

Specifically for equestrians

Created by a rider, for riders. Experience the impact of yoga poses and flows designed specifically to assist you in the saddle – both mentally and physically!

Do you want to improve your riding and overall health?

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Yoga zorgt ervoor dat je als ruiter sterke en duidelijke hulpen kan geven aan je paard doordat je vaster en meer in balans in je zadel zit en vooral traint op je lichaamsdelen onafhankelijk van elkaar te gebruiken.

Yoga is de ideale tool om je houding en zit te versterken! je versterkt je gehele core, verlengt de spieren in de rug en traint erop je benen afzonderlijk van elkaar te gebruiken net zoals je je benen onafhankelijk van je bovenlichaam moet gebruiken wat een ideale training is voor zit en houding op je paard.

Yoga Brengt je dichter bij jezelf. Het zorgt voor meer connectie tussen lichaam en geest en brengt je in het hier en nu.