Christmas yoga challenge for equestrians

Ride into the holidays with strength & joy!

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tailored specifically to equestrian needs, made by a former professional show jumping rider.

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Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey this holiday season?

Introducing the Countdown to Christmas Equestrian Yoga Challenge : the perfect fusion of yoga and horsemanship designed exclusively for riders like you!

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Participate actively, share your progress on social media using our hashtag and stand a chance to win these unique prizes:

Equi-yoga @home membership

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What's in store for you?

Daily yoga videos

Immerse yourself in a new yoga training video every day for six weeks, specially curated for equestrians. Enhance your flexibility, balance, and core strength to unlock your full riding potential.

Tailored equestrian focus

Each session is crafted with equestrian-specific movements and stretches to improve your riding posture, balance in the saddle, and connection with your equine partner.

Countdown to Christmas

The challenge kicks off on December 11th and concludes with a grand finale on Christmas Eve. Unwrap a new video daily, leading you through a progressive journey of physical and mental well-being.

Expert instruction

All trainings are conducted by a certified trainer specialized in training equestrians, as well as a passionate (ex-pro) equestrian who understands the unique needs of riders.

Varied practices

From dynamic flow sequences to calming meditation, each day offers a different practice to keep engaged and motivated!


Accessible to all levels

Weather you're a beginner or an experienced yogi, our challenge caters to riders of all levels. Modifications and advancements are provided, ensuring everyone feels included.

Prizes and surprises:

Participate actively, share your progress on social media using our hashtag and stand a chance to win unique prizes with 300 Euro value!


Meet your coach:

I'm Melissa, a certified yoga teacher, personal trainer specialized in functional movement & former professional showjumping rider.

My focus?
Empowering you to reach your full potential in the saddle!

During this challenge You'll be working on:

Improving mobility & flexibility

Improving strength, balance & core stability

Breath & mindfulness

How it works:

1 week.

During one week (starting 18/12/23) you'll work on improving your flexibility , strength & mobility to sit better in the saddle and enhance overall wellness.

Anytime, anywhere!

Thanks to the online platform you can acces the videos anytime, anywhere!

Real time videos.

7 unique follow along videos, each working on a specific theme. it's like i'm training with you in your living room, real time! These are made for busy equestrians, so they're short en effective!

Already 200+ riders are being coached by Equi-Yoga!

Will you join our community of like-minded equestrians; training to reach their full potential?