Personal equestrian training,
tailored to your needs!

Do you want to feel balanced in the saddle? 

Work on both your physical & mental well-being for your needs? 

Is there a specific goal/problem you would like to work on intensively?

Then private training is what you need.

This is preferably possible online or in person in Grimbergen, Belgium (if there is availability in person).

We work with 12 class packages (3 months) with 1 class/week (or more if you prefer). 

Single sessions are only possible if not fully booked.

Classes can be taught in Dutch, French and English.

Some of our awesome clients:

Single session

Book your lesson per session when you need it, 
pay per session.

90 euro/session

12 session package

Most value for your money

A personalized 3-month private program with one weekly tailored session, either in-studio or online.

After the program, choose to extend our private sessions or continue independently by joining the online membership.

Flexibility allows you to make up a missed ‘live’ session in another week, offering the option of attending two private training sessions a week.

from 70 euro/session


Meet your coach:

I'm Melissa, a certified yoga teacher, personal trainer specialized in functional movement & former professional showjumping rider.

My focus?
Empowering you to reach your full potential in the saddle and in daily life!

Payment options:

Pay at once

70 Euro per session

Pay in 3 parts

75 Euro per session