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Equi yoga @ home

Anytime, anywhere!

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Welcome to Equi-Yoga; the exclusive online equestrian training platform where yoga, pilates, breathwork, functional movement (fitness), and mindfulness seamlessly converge in an online membership designed for the busy rider. All curated by a lifelong equestrian expert, specifically for riders!

Tailor your equestrian training: anytime, anywhere, at your own pace!

Whether you’re seeking increased strength, flexibility, injury prevention, balance in the saddle, or stress management while on your horse; we have it all! Our platform is crafted to meet the unique needs of riders with a commitment to enhancing your overall well-being both on and off the horse.

Laure-Anne Rigaux
Laure-Anne Rigaux@outsidethecorral
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Since I started Melissa's yoga for riders, I've experienced significantly less shoulder and back pain. I feel more agile and focused in the saddle. It's the perfect stretch for me after a long ride outdoors. Melissa explains each exercise thoroughly and offers alternatives when an exercise is challenging due to, for example, a bad knee. I appreciate the variety in the exercises and their positive impact on my peace of mind. I highly recommend equi-yoga for all levels!
Britt Geens
Britt Geens@brittg_horselife
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Very clear videos! The explanations are understandable and pleasant to listen to. I immediately notice a difference in the saddle! The weekly program also eliminates decision stress. It varies each week, always including a deep stretch session and one focused on strength and balance. Highly recommended if you want to work on yourself outside the saddle.
Sonia H.
Sonia H.
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I am very strong but have short muscles and stiff shoulders. Since doing yoga for riders, these muscles have gradually become 'lengthened,' and the shoulders more flexible. It's like I gain a few centimeters in height after each session and feel much more grip in the saddle. My breathing is also more under control. Highly recommended!

The membership:

Get unlimited access to a video library of 150+ videos ( and counting), challenges and programs designed specifically for equestrians!

Explore a diverse range of offerings on our platform, from functional movement workouts and power yoga to recovery and stretch flows, designed to enhance relaxation, become stronger, alleviate physical discomfort, and improve posture in the saddle. Discover stable-proof stretches, warm-ups, and a variety of workouts to meet your fitness needs!

If you want your horse to move at its best, you need to move at your best!

Wat is Equi-yoga @ home?

You can personalize your workout routine

Discover tailored training for your needs, regardless of your body’s requirements or schedule constraints.

Choose from 150+ videos, programs, and challenges based on duration, focus, intensity, and more. New videos added regularly.

Designed by a rider, specifically for riders

My expertise as a yoga teacher, functional movement trainer, and ex-professional show jumper combine to offer expert programs, lessons, and tips. Stay injury-free, enhance flexibility, happiness, and achieve better balance in the saddle; with effects extending to your daily life!

gratis yoga voor ruiters

It is suitable for all levels and disciplines

For all riders—whether competitors, hikers, yoga novices, or pros.. enjoy 50+ videos on any device. Choose from yoga, strength, relaxation, back pain relief, flexibility, or mindfulness, with workouts from 3 to 50 minutes. Designed for riders to be stronger, more mobile, and flexible in the saddle, ensuring optimal enjoyment for you and your horse!

So, what's included?

live Sessions

New videos added monthly


Challenges & programs

As a member you have access to programs & challenges:

Yoga voor ruiters

Flexibility & mobility for equestrians

In 6 weeks from stiffness to suppleness! (Eng.)

gratis yoga voor ruiters

1 week
Start to Equi-yoga challenge


rugpijn bij ruiters

Sos rugpijn bij ruiters

Coming soon!

Enjoy live zoom sessions...

As a member, you always receive free access to all live sessions conducted via Zoom. During these sessions, I briefly address any questions and we collectively focus on one theme.

Non-members can follow these sessions at a fee per individual session, but as a member, you get FREE access!

During the free trial period, you can explore unlimited content within the membership. You can cancel easily and at no cost before the end of the trial period if it's not suitable for you.

How does it work?

Choose between an annual, trimestrial or monthly membership or a program that suits your preferences. The membership, providing anytime, anywhere access to all courses, programs and videos, is the most cost-effective way to engage in rider training!

This grants you access to all live sessions and allows you to personalize your training based on focus, intensity, duration, location, etc., thanks to our convenient filtering feature!

As a member, you also have the opportunity to request specific training sessions, as we strive to assist you, the rider, as effectively as possible!

Free trial

Explore the entire platform with over 150 videos, challenges, and programs without limitations during your trial period.

Easy & free to cancel

Payment begins after your free trial. If it’s not right for you, you can easily and freely cancel before the trial ends. 

It’s a win-win situation!

yearly, trimestrial or monthly memberships

Annual: Pay the most economical rate monthly (cost spread), cancel annually.

Monthly: Pay the monthly amount, and cancel the membership monthly.

live sessions

As a member, you get access to live sessions where I answer your questions in a group video call with the Equi-Yoga tribe. I can also offer posture adjustments if you choose to train with the camera on.

log in: anytime, anywhere!

Train anytime, anywhere – at work, during a horseback riding weekend, at a competition, or on vacation. It’s that easy!

Need guidance?
try our weekly program or challenges!

Overwhelmed? Don’t worry! New weekly programs and easy-to-use filters ensure you’ll always find the perfect workout!

Programma's & cursussen

Niet zo’n fan van een membership?
We got you!

Je kan sommige programma’s en cursussen apart aankopen. Schrijf je in, creëer je eigen acount en ga van start!
(let op: met het membership heb je het meeste waarde voor je geld.)

What riders are saying:

Do you also want to feel better in the saddle?

I've already guided over 200 riders to less muscle pain, increased mobility & strength and a better feeling in the saddle.
Will you join us?


Meet your coach:

I'm Melissa, a certified yoga teacher, personal trainer specialized in functional movement & former professional showjumping rider.

My focus?
Empowering you to reach your full potential in the saddle!

Hoe werkt de gratis proefperiode & het membership?

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Choose your membership:


99 Monthly
  • 14 day FREE trial
  • You only pay if you want to stay after the FREE trial!
  • You can cancel every month
  • Access to the private FB group and live Q&A sessions
  • Access to the live training sessions


99 Monthly
  • 14 day FREE trial
  • You only pay if you want to stay after the FREE trial!
  • You can cancel every 3 months
  • Unlimited acces to ALL membership videos, programs and live sessions (more English programs coming soon in 2024)
  • Access to the private FB group and live Q&A sessions
  • Access to the live training sessions


88 Yearly
  • 14 day FREE trial
  • You only pay if you want to stay after the FREE trial!
  • You can cancel every year
  • Unlimited acces to ALL membership videos, programs and live sessions (more English programs coming soon in 2024)
  • Access to the private FB group and live Q&A sessions
  • Access to the live training sessions


Most frequently asked questions and answers:
  1. Choose a membership of your choice (monthly/yearly) to start your free trial period.

  2. Provide your details at checkout, BUT you pay NOTHING! You can fully and freely explore the membership during the free trial period.

    If you wish to continue as a member afterward, you don’t need to do anything; your membership will be automatically activated.

    If it’s not for you, simply cancel before the end of your free trial period. This process is also very easy. So, you have nothing to lose, and you can take your time to experience whether Equi-Yoga is right for you!

Absolutely! Yoga alone will have a tremendous effect, and the audio meditations in the video library will also be incredibly helpful! Many riders listen to them on their way to competitions or just before getting on the horse, and they’ve shared that it made a world of difference, leading to improved results with their horse!

Thanks to the app, you can access them easily at any moment.

A: No worries, I got you!

There’s a new ‘Weekly Program’ available each week that you can follow. Many riders have shared that this provides them with the structure to start and take action instead of postponing.

The filter function is also highly appreciated, allowing you to tailor your training to your personal needs for the day.

For additional accountability and connection, I host a monthly live session via Zoom. This ensures you can check in on your progress regularly.

This is a membership designed for you to genuinely enjoy and use because it makes you feel GOOD.

YES! All real-time yoga videos are available to follow online at your own pace, wherever and whenever you want. Upon purchase, you’ll gain access to an online platform with a personal login. An app is also available, allowing you to engage in your rider training from anywhere using your smartphone!

NO! As riders, we often have busy schedules… that’s why I chose to include very short but effective yoga, mindfulness, and fitness sessions. The majority of the classes last 10 to 30 minutes. There are also longer classes of approximately 45 minutes if you prefer a more extended ‘flow’ during a quieter moment!

You can start perfectly as a beginner. I provide options for everyone, from the complete beginner to the advanced yogi.

YES! Absolutely. Do you have a specific request for a class? Just send an email or Instagram DM, and I’ll be happy to assist you!

The Membership is monthly cancellable if you choose the ‘monthly’ option at checkout.

You can choose between the following options:

Monthly: Payable monthly with an easy monthly cancellation option. 

Annual: Payable monthly to spread the cost (most cost-effective rate) and cancellable annually.

I’ve helped over 200 riders, and I’m excited to assist you too!

Enjoy personalized monthly live sessions, Q&A, and the flexibility to request themes or videos. Reach me anytime via email for support on your journey!