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Hi, welcome to Equi-Yoga!
I'm Melissa....

Former professional show jumping equestrian, certified functional movement, mindfulness & yoga trainer!

I’m here to guide you toward a stronger, happier, and more balanced riding experience. 

As a rider, i understand the common “niggles” that can bother you: knee or ankle discomfort, lower back pain ( achallenge many riders, including myself, face), muscle stiffness, stress, loss of focus during long competition days, and more. But what often slips our mind is the connection with our horse and ourselves… the communication while riding, the teamwork with your equine companion. 

And that’s where i come in!

Trough tailored yoga and functional movement (fitness) sessions designed exclusively for rider, we enhance not just your physical but also your mental well-being. We’re talking about boosting your mobility, flexibility, strength, and balance, while also releasing the built-up tension in your muscles. Combined with mindfulness and breathing techniques, we address your mental state, tackling stress, enhalncing resilience, and addressing any loss of focus or energy throughout the day or during your ride (for both competitive and leisure riders). 

I’ve personally experienced the positive impact, and firmly believe that i can help you find greater equilibrium and ease in the saddle… Ultimately enhancing your performance! 

Embrace your inner athlete, for both you and your horse!

How it all started...

Horses were practically in my DNA from day one, and they’ve stayed an integral part of my life ever since. My childhood unfolded on a boarding and sports stable, where both of my parents were jumping competition enthusiasts.

I kicked off my equestrian journey with those typical ‘shetlanders,’ and let me tell you, they almost put a halt to my love for riding before it even began! But eventually, the equestrian bug bit, and there was no turning back.

At the tender age of 7, I took part in my first ‘practice show,’ and by the time I hit 9, I was diving headfirst into more and more competitions.

During those ‘school years,’ I snagged a bronze at the Junior Belgian Championships, igniting my appetite for even greater challenges.

After a whirlwind period as a junior and young rider, filled with thrilling international and national competitions, my path was clear: I was destined for this, and I proudly embraced the title of a full-time show jumping rider!

As a competitor, I’ve truly felt the weight of those long, intense days—whether on the showgrounds or back at home, tirelessly training.

On the show circuit, you add the logistics of moving horses and gear to the mix, the warming up and cooling down, and the endless waiting game. Not to mention the potential stress that can creep up, whether it’s on your horse’s side or your own. Fatigue, bodily aches—these factors all play into your performance and your style of riding. And let’s not forget about the crucial connection and communication between you and your equine partner.

So here’s the scoop from the horse’s mouth—literally! Let’s team up and tackle these challenges head-on. I’ve been there, done that, and I’m all in to help you soar beyond these hurdles and amplify your equestrian finesse!


200+ equestrians

Certified yoga teacher

functional movement ruiters

Certified functional movement trainer

mindfulness voor ruiters

Mindfulness & breathwork

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Former professional show jumping rider

flexibility and yoga for equestrians

It doesn't stop there...

The intricate dance between a horse and its rider, the unspoken dialogues that unfold—these dynamics had me utterly captivated. Yet, I momentarily lost touch with this passion along the way.

But today, more than ever, that flame burns bright within me.

My childhood years were a symphony of sights and sounds—my parents immersed in the world of competitive riding, witnessing countless dressage and show jumping lessons. Amidst it all, my grandfather stood as a guardian, ensuring that I never lost sight of the ‘essence’ shared between human and horse.

He always spoke of intuition, the unity of rider and mount, and the profound why behind every equine response. And patience? He championed it—buckets of it. Thanks to him, that muscle grew stronger.

I delved into riding bareback, orchestrating a rearing horse without tack upon my cue, guiding a bridleless dance, soaring over fences with no saddle—an entrancing harmony with nature. I swiftly mastered the art of finding balance astride a horse.

Then, yoga swept into my life a few years ago. I was on a quest, seeking relief from the persistent backaches that plagued me. On top of that, the grip of hyperventilation and eventually panic attacks, stemming from burnout, held me captive.

The moment I stepped into my first yoga class, it was like coming home. I was hooked, and soon I was immersing myself in these sessions multiple times a week…

What caught my attention?
The more i advanced as a yogi, the more i felt a profound transformation in the saddle. And that chronic back pain that had plagued me for years?
It gradually faded away, bit by bit...

After engaging in certain yoga poses, I felt more grounded and at ease in the saddle.

The back pain had eased AND I felt a newfound freedom in my chest! That constricted sensation, like a weight lifted off my chest, allowing me to breathe freely, was gone!

Inspired, I decided to delve deeper, experimenting with yoga postures that would make a real difference for riders like me. I committed to an intensive year of Prana Vinyasa yoga training, and that marked the inception of something truly beautiful.

Determined to unlock ways to guide fellow equestrians toward a pain-free life and instill strength and confidence in their riding, I pursued training as a functional movement coach.

Introducing Equi-Yoga, where I craft workouts infused with my distinctive fusion of mindfulness, yoga, pilates, and functional movement—your ticket to an enjoyable and impactful transformation!

Curated by a rider, for riders!

Want to team up one-on-one? Curious about how i can assist you? Let's connect!

hoe yoga en mindfulness kan helpen bij het rijden van een goede afstand voor jumpingruiters in hun parcours

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Made for equestrians,
by an equestrian

fitness voor ruiters

Emphasis on proper, controlled execution of poses, suitable for all levels!

Unique blend of pilates, yoga, fitness & mindfulness that ensures enjoyment in movement & self-improvement.

lichaamsbewustzijn en ademhaling voor ruiters

Enhance body awareness + foster self-connection & create mindfulness in your breathing.

mentale en fysieke gezondheid als ruiter

Working on mental health AND physical well-being!

" At Equi-Yoga, there's no harsh fitness vibe. Instead, it's all about an approach that let's you work on your physical and mental well-being as a rider in a challenging and enjoyable way, with a focus on sensation and breath."

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